About Enervee

Want to join us to make a $100 billion in the best way possible?

Enervee is on a mission to change the way we all buy for our homes. To make every buying decision an energy-smart buying decision. We do this by bringing together the best in data science, behavioral science, digital design and marketing. The result is a simple, seamless experience for consumers that has the potential to save a lot (and we mean a lot) of energy.

Today, energy companies across the US and Europe use Enervee’s applications and services to engage their customers in energy-smart decisions. Over 50 million customers, making decisions in more than 20 product categories (at last count).

In the US alone, we buy more than 200 million products and appliances for our homes per year. That’s 200 million opportunities to deliver energy savings over the lifetime of the purchase - that’d be $100 billion in lifetime energy costs.

We’re hoping you can help us deliver that $100 billion.

You can see our current vacancies on this page. But don’t be put off if you don’t see a perfect fit - if you’ve the skills, experience and passion that you feel could contribute to Enervee delivering this change, we’d love to hear from you.

Current openings