Senior Python Software Engineer

Los Angeles, California, United States · Engineering


We're looking for a razor-sharp Senior Python Software Engineer to help us quickly scale our growing suite of successful products, while also playing a key role in defining our design practices and how we architect our solutions.

Our stack includes -- but is certainly not limited to the following technologies: Python, Django, AngluarJS, PostgreSQL, and Linux (CentOS). You’ll have a suite of development weaponry from which to choose: Macbook Pro, Windows, Ubuntu, Fedora -- or whatever else you’d like!

Our infrastructure is ran entirely out of AWS, and we currently utilize EC2, RDS, S3, CloudFront, ElastiCache, Elastic Search, Redshift, and a few more. We use Bitbucket Server (git) as our SCM, and Bamboo for builds and CI. We currently have over 60 EC2, and 30 RDS instances running in AWS.

The technology department you’d be joining consists of 16 people internally with 4 outsourced engineers. Don’t worry: the outsourced engineers are local to California, and work from Fresno. Our company is growing quickly, and we have 36 total employees, making our in-house technology team account for 45% of the company’s total size. Not a bad technology investment...

Our culture and environment is very much team-driven. We decide everything from the frameworks we use to project management methodologies as a team. Nothing is set in stone, and we’re always open to testing and especially giving new ideas a chance. If you see areas for improvement both in code or in our culture, you’ll have the opportunity to help shape us for the better.

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